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An integrated service to plan and buy mobile media

Along with the growth of smartphones, apps and the mobile web, mobile advertising is taking an increasingly important role in brand engagement. Google tell us that mobile search has grown 500% in the last two years. So, which are the right advertising networks to buy into? Google's Adwords or Admob? Apple's iAd? What about third party networks such as Millennium or InMobi? Should we be using direct operator channels such as Orange Shots or O2 More? Our mobile advertising service can help you identify the right networks to plan and buy for them.

What Ad Formats Should We Use?

Some mobile advertising offers similar options to the PC web with banners, expandable banners, interstatial or video pre-roll, but there are a number of options unique to mobile. These include click-to-call, click-to-download and location-based geo-targeting. The growth of rich-media advertising through channels such as iAd also give opportunities for brands to create exciting campaigns that use the unique features of the handset.

Mobile advertising is more disparate then it's web counterpart. The planning and buying platforms vary massively between networks, as do the analytics. Our experience and understanding of mobile advertising allows us to both identify the most appropriate channels and aggregate them into unified, managed campaigns.

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