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If you already have a social media presence, then you are already in mobile. The question is, have you optimised that experience?

According to Facebook, up to half of their users access it through their mobile phones (Twitter is a similar figure). Mobile users are twice as active as PC-based Facebook users. In the UK, 50% of all status updates come from mobile phones. However, delivering a poor experience will drive users away. Giving them a good mobile experience will ensure they continue with the brand engagement.

Yet, mobile social media isn't just about optimising for mobile. It also offers new opportunities for brand engagement, and in particular through social location. Foursquare were the first to create brand engagement via the check-in offer, which has been used by companies such as Starbucks, Dominos, Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs and many more. Foursquare has 8 million users worldwide. It's niche when compared to Facebook, yet they demonstrated the importance of location. It wasn't long before Facebook Places followed and along with it, location-based offers through Facebook Deals, which launched in Europe earlier this year. UK brands including Argos, Debenhams, O2 YoSushi and Alton Towers were amongst the first to take the initiative. Our favourite example of a brand using social location successfully are the Dutch airline, KLM with their Surprises.
Ten brands who are using Foursquare - read the blog here.

We bring our understanding and experience of mobile social media and social location to create, manage and deliver brand campaigns.

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